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Custom Made Optical Filters

Optical manufacturing and fabrication to custom-made sizes is very important to sourcing the optical filters you need. The technology of production machinery has advanced over the years, as companies and researches look to reduce their unit costs in the ever-increasing competitive world.

Optical glass filters and coated glass filters can be supplied as one off prototypes through to production in batch runs, volume quantities, oem supply and to contract kanban systems.

The size range of optical filters is vast with the majortity of optical filters ranging from 6mm dia to 150mm dia or square. They can be micro diced filters to as small as 1mm x 1mm and to over 300mm diameter subject to material availability. Or can be selected from a standard stock optical filter range. See stock optical filters page.

Manufacturing and fabrication of optical filters and optically coated glass filters include the following processes:

  Diamond Edging

  Step Grinding
  Cylindrical Grinding
  Double Sided Planetary Lapping
  Double Sided Planetary Polishing
  Single Sided Lapping/Polishing
  CNC Machining
  Waterjet Cutting
 CNC grinding
 Sand Blasting
 Screen Printing
Edge Polishing
 CNC Scribing
 Precision Lapping
 Precision Polishing


Optical Services: Options
  • Optical filters assembled into holder and mounts and individually labelled.
  • Calibration certificates and transmission curves provided for filters.
  • Optical coating service protective coatings for filters and AR coatings for single or multi-layer.

    All the manufacturing processes can also be applied to clients own optical materials and components, with a re-polishing service for damaged optics.