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Optical filter selection depends on a multitude of factors including wavelength selection, shape and width of passband, blocking outside the passband, transmittance colour matching and long-term stability.

Filters are used for many applications in the field of microscopy, photometry, radiometry, imaging, instrumentation, display, CCD, astronomy, aerospace etc.

Scientific, electronic, analytical, imaging and medical instrument companies are designing the next revolution in their industries using a range of selected optical filters in their products.

The list below shows the range of stock filters that are available at present to order online:

Bandpass Filters
Calibration Filters

Cold Mirrors
Coloured Glass Filters
Conversion Filters
Dichroic Filters
Heat Absorbing Filters
Hot Mirrors
Hoya Filters
Infrared Filters
Interference Filters
IR Cut-Off Filters
Longpass Filters
Neutral Density Filters
Photopic Filters
Schott Filters
Shortpass Filters
UV Blocking Filters
UV Filters


The above pages have an extensive range of optical filter types. The following filters can be found in these pages: visible filters, combination filters, ir cut off filters, narrow band pass filters, ultraviolet transmitting filters, infra red transmitting filters, light balancing filters, skylight filters, sharp cut filters, contrast filters.

If you cannot find the optical filter you require listed in the above range please contact us with any questions or comments by emailing us. Thank you for reading and visiting our resource.