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Optical Materials

Optical filters change the spectral properties of optical radiation, they all have there own individual characteristics and uses for many applications. Each filter has its own boundaries and performance levels. So Selection of the optical filter checking its wavelength, thermal expansion, chemical resistance and mechanical density is very important if it is to produce the expected results.

More information for each filter type will be added in the future, if you require further information or material data on an optical filter not listed please contact us. Please find below transmissions curves for the following glass filters.

Bandpass filter linear transmission curves
Cold Mirror CM-05 transmission data
Conversion Filter linear transmission curves
Heat Absorbing linear transmission curves
Hot Mirror HM-07 transmission data
IR Cut Off IRC-09 transmission data
Longpass filter linear transmission curves
Neutral Density linear transmission curves
Photopic (eye responce) transmission curve
Shortpass linear transmission curves
UV Blocking Filter UVK02 transmission data